the blind leads the blind through my brain

One blind leads the other blind through my brain


Art has a voice - let it speak


when I write with light, a different world arises for me that surprises and fascinates me

a tile on your stomach that says "rest in peace"

I am filled to the brim with ideas but you had your eyes closed.

Society is like a zoo: the monkeys always have the most success there.

I alway do what I cannot do so I can learn how to do it.

Society often forgives the criminal but never the dreamer.

If you give control of the Sahara to a federal government, there will be a shortage of sand within five years.

We are so happy in nature, because it has no opinion about us.

You cannot trust your judgment if your imagination is not focused.

Fantasy is the eye of the soul.

Reality is often of more surprising originality than fantasy.

Everything has its beauty but not everyone always sees it.

If you are worthy of affection, a cat will become your friend, but never your slave

In a river, the water that you touch is the last of what flows pas            and the first of what passes by. That is how it is with time.