you only see it when you realize it



this house is an old-fashioned dollhouse

The art of living is to be at home as if traveling. - Schiedam 2019

The life of a person is what makes his thoughts of it - schiedam 2019.

Turtles can tell more about the road than hares.- schiedam 2019

While we enjoy flowers and wine, wealth and love,              old age sneaks close by with inaudible step.

Do not wait for special moments, but make the ordinary moments special.

Be a thinker, that is to say, he who understands the art of making things easier than they are.

Old and new sliding together as one, at the edge of day and night

The biggest polluters demand the purest water to wash their hands.

All things are born to perish And everything that passes      

              away returns To bloom again.

 Rotterdam in corners and holes. viewed through my lens